Excursion to the tropical greenhouse

On Thursday, 9th March 2023, the class 7d went on a bilingual geography excursion to the greenhouse in Tübingen. Mr. Vött und and Mrs. Trevallion came with us. The train left Mössingen at 8 o’clock on time. The trip to Tübingen was really funny and relaxed. When we arrived in Tübingen we took bus number 17 and rode to the botanical garden. We were welcomed by Caroline and Marianne, two students from the University of Tübingen. They told us about the programme and gave us many worksheets with a lot of tasks to explore the tropical rainforest.

These tasks were really creative and not so difficult. Inside the greenhouse the air was hot, humid and it made us a little bit sleepy. We saw very, very, very many plants, but no animals except a plastic frog. In the middle of the greenhouse there was a small lake (without crocodiles, but with fish!!) and a platform from which we had a great view. We found out many facts about the bamboo (for example, it can grow 10-30 cm per day), the bromeliad (it can absorb 15 litres of water), the pitcher plant (which eats ants and other bugs) and many other plants. At the end we could choose our favourite plant. All in all, the excursion was very cool and we can really recommend going to the greenhouse in Tübingen!

Clara und Tamara 7d

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